Save a Tree – what does that really mean?

IMG_2336SAVE A TREE – Do I just mean you are wasting paper or is it more than that?

Sick of hearing save trees – they are an agriculturally grown – what’s all the fuss?

Do you truly know the value of a tree?  

Let me list just a few (there are 22) with links to more.

  1. Like to breath?  Air Quality? Who’s making your oxygen?
  2. Carbon sequestration? Who’s catching fossil fuel fumes?
  3. Stormwater catchment – compare a tree to grass it is pitiful
  4. Forests clean water – that whole water cycle thing.
  5. Cooling – combatting the urban heat island.

Visit The Arbor Day Foundation to learn more or use the Tree Benefit Calculator it might even save you some money.


Help us find the Champion TREES in Mount Holly!

BIG Trees!  Hunters first MEETING 10/26 3:00 PM

Big Tree logoBig Trees Mount Holly Help us find the Champion TREES in Mount Holly!

WHAT:   The Big Tree program goal is to branch into the Mount Holly community to engage & promote the worth, both historically and environmentally, of trees. These trees will root the community and connect  them to their nearby nature.  A historical timeline will be developed providing a sense of place and pride in 22 environmental tree benefits.  Want to estimate what a tree does for you?Click here!

Need: Tree HUNTERS, Tree Spotters, Youth Tree Hunter Leaders* Volunteer here! 

WHO:   The Mount Holly Community, facilitated by E-Corps, and lead by Big Tree Hunters!

WHEN:  10/26/2014 3:00pm first Big Tree Hunt  – Find the schedule, click here

WHERE: First meeting is at the E-Learning Center, 604 S. Main Street. Mount Holly, NC 28120

TO DO:  Find the Big Trees!

 We will:

  • Ask the property owner for permission to evaluate the tree.
  • Measure the trunk (circumference), Height, and canopy (crown spread)
  • Determine the species
  • Calculate the age based on the growth factor
  • Record the coordinates
  • Photograph the tree and record distinguishing characteristics
  • Report the age to the Mount Holly Historic Society for a historical time line.
  • Consider any tree larger than 9″ inches for submission to the NC Champion Tree Database.

Printable information   Big Tree Sighting Report      Big Tree Hunt Report      Facebook Group