What our participant’s parents have said about us:

  • “Our daughter continues to be excited about science. Her vocabulary has increased and she is more knowledgeable about science. She is learning to work collaboratively as a result of working with a buddy.”
  • Translated from Spanish: “I as a mother I am very excited about what my daughters talk to me about. They are very happy every day because they are discovering that  is something that is helping them greatly to know if they really decide to continue studying science.”
  • “She enjoys science and this experience offered such an exciting, hands-­‐on experience that made everything explode in the way of learning. If only this could apply to all classrooms all the time!”
  • “Our daughter has come home each day enthusiastic about what she has learned and wanted to explore additional information on the Internet. We are excited to be a part of such an amazing program”
  • “This summer camp has given my child a newfound passion for science. I have seen her explore the scientific reasons for why something works. She has attempted to identify stars in the nighttime sky and has discussed the lunar cycle with me. She also has an interest in scientific career. By meeting with and observing women working in the sciences, she has been exposed to possibilities that she might not have otherwise considered. My husband and I are true advocates for this program and have seen, firsthand, the immediate and lasting benefits of an all-girls science based camp.”
  • “My daughter had fun and learned! I like engaging the mind during the summer as well as the spirit. As my daughter gets older, she can be more involved in experiments and understand better what the mentors do and how science is part of everything.”
  • “It inspired my child and helped her learn about different STEM professions. It was also academically stimulating, which she craves in the summer. She thought it was very special to be on a college campus. Most of all, she had fun and enjoyed the teachers and other students.”
  • “My kids love science. They love it even more after this camp. Love the fact that different scientists were invited on different days. A great way to see role models.”

What other professionals have said:

“… yes, I would be more than happy and pleased to support you and E-Corps in any way I can!” – one of Karan’s Professors

What our adult participants have said:   Lisa K. Had a wonderful time with a great group! Lots of fun!

       Linda “A really fun and informative hike. Thanks Karan!”       Steve “Great hike led by naturalist Karan Barber”:

Karan Barber has an extraordinary passion for nature and the environment and the desire to share her passion with others, especially children.  Karan’s passion is contagious.  Her enthusiasm motivates others to devote time and effort to the causes she believes in, and her upbeat attitude and delightful sense of humor ensures that it will always be fun!  -CH

Karan Barber is one of the greatest Environmental educators I’ve ever known. Not only is she passionate about her work but her brilliance when it comes to getting kids excited about nature and engaged with nature is inspiring. I’ve witnessed first hand how effortlessly Karan can change people’s opinions on nature just by leading a nature hike with them and it seems almost unreal.  –BSG

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Karan Barber. I have known her for four years. Karan has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent scholastic accomplishments, she has proven her leadership ability by organizing summer camps and her new adventure with E-Corps Expeditions to provide young people an opportunity to learn about nature and the importance of being responsible for it. Her good judgment and outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her education of the environment with kids. I am happy to give Karan my wholehearted endorsement.EG

Karan Barber asked that I write a letter of support regarding her work educating young people about the importance of nature and I couldn’t be happier to do so. I have known Karan for five years as a summer camp director, educator, and program developer. To each of these roles she brings amazing energy, information and direction. Karan is a true advocate for the environment and the vital role it plays in the development of people.

I am confident that Karan has a great impact on all the people she meets, but I can speak best about the tremendous influence she has had on my 14-year old daughter, P. P met Karan at the Raptor Center, became a camp counselor to work with Karan, and is a founding member of E-Corps. P is a good kid; she is gentle, laid-back, reliable, but she is at her best when she is working on something with Karan. Karan has the special talent of relating to kids in a way that energizes them and enables them to learn and do more than they thought they could. When P is working on an E-Corp project she is at her most confident and happy self. Karan’s mentorship has given P the confidence to take engineering and science classes she never expected to take, to use her spare time to dream about things that might help the environment, and a general life direction.

Clearly, I can’t say enough about Karan’s strengths and talents. Those who get to spend time being and working with her are truly fortunate. – Dr. O

It is my pleasure to write a letter of support for Karan Barber.  Karan is knowledgeable environmental advocate who enjoys sharing the wonders of the outdoors with children, youth and adults.  As a naturalist, the outdoors is her classroom and Karan can teach a broad range of subjects from astronomy to zoology.  As an educator, she knows how to prepare excellent lesson plans.

Karan’s work with children has been outstanding, working in both large and small group, her lesson plans are awesome.  Karan’s bubbly personality makes learning about nature and the environment fun but still getting the important lessons about earth systems and their connections to kids of all ages.  She is an asset to any environmental learning organization.

In conclusion, I fully support Karan’s abilities to work with kids teaching environmental education and appreciation. – WF


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