Help us find the Champion TREES in Mount Holly!

BIG Trees!  Hunters first MEETING 10/26 3:00 PM

Big Tree logoBig Trees Mount Holly Help us find the Champion TREES in Mount Holly!

WHAT:   The Big Tree program goal is to branch into the Mount Holly community to engage & promote the worth, both historically and environmentally, of trees. These trees will root the community and connect  them to their nearby nature.  A historical timeline will be developed providing a sense of place and pride in 22 environmental tree benefits.  Want to estimate what a tree does for you?Click here!

Need: Tree HUNTERS, Tree Spotters, Youth Tree Hunter Leaders* Volunteer here! 

WHO:   The Mount Holly Community, facilitated by E-Corps, and lead by Big Tree Hunters!

WHEN:  10/26/2014 3:00pm first Big Tree Hunt  – Find the schedule, click here

WHERE: First meeting is at the E-Learning Center, 604 S. Main Street. Mount Holly, NC 28120

TO DO:  Find the Big Trees!

 We will:

  • Ask the property owner for permission to evaluate the tree.
  • Measure the trunk (circumference), Height, and canopy (crown spread)
  • Determine the species
  • Calculate the age based on the growth factor
  • Record the coordinates
  • Photograph the tree and record distinguishing characteristics
  • Report the age to the Mount Holly Historic Society for a historical time line.
  • Consider any tree larger than 9″ inches for submission to the NC Champion Tree Database.

Printable information   Big Tree Sighting Report      Big Tree Hunt Report      Facebook Group

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