NW Exped Site #8, 9, & 8 again Washington

Sorry for the delay in posts and I can’t blame technology this time. But it was accidental and self inflicted concussion protocol. As all my teacher buds know this limits screen times.img_6597 Yes but my graceless nature had nothing to do with it. Simply Washington quality mud. I was at the edge of the road, near three large rocks (ottoman size) and my feet just went out from under me like stepping on ice. Sadly S’More went down with me but he was on top and flew into the soft mud. I just laid out with no time to catch myself or yell, only ending in my head bouncing off the edge of the pavement. Yes it is hard, very hard. My glasses and puppy flew.  I was dazed and put my hand on my head to a hand full of blood. But my new florescent green bag was at the ready.  All good just a residual headache now and then.

Washington is truly amazing everyone should drive across from Idaho/Montana side at least once in a lifetime. It has all the ecosystems: marine waters, tide pools, estuaries, rainforests, dry coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows and parklands, shrub-steppe, grasslands, prairies, sand dunes, riparian areas, and a variety of freshwater wetland types. Basically it has all the previous states’ environments we have traveled through in one. The trees are amazing a new favorite is the a ?? Cedar, which has deep green scaled fern like branches.img_6614

The Riverside WA SP campground in Spokane was basically a boat ramp with spaces for campers but was convenient and on the lake. There was an Bald Eagle fishing and a lot of entertaining activity as the day use area was next to and around our grassy site with parking on the hill above. It was only a night but won’t visit again.

The drive to Millersylvaina WA SP campground was phenomenal. See more in the album below. The campground was functional but advertised as full hookups, which did not include septic. The showers also cost which is odd. This would be img_6591a fantastic spot for kids 8-40 who like to ride bikes the trails are amazing.

Deep Lake is beautiful as well stocked with trout, several swimming areas, a Ice Cream Shop and Beer Garden nestled in the forest. The dogs and I enjoyed many a trail walk. Oh and the Red Squirrels here are tiny (Chipmunk sized) with attitudes. One even taunted the dogs, chirping at them and turned as if to say kiss my butt.

Made the trek to Mount Rainer National Park, the views were amazing but the crowds were excessive, especially near the visitor center.

Cliffside Recreation Area Whidbey Island WA on the Navy base was STELLAR! Soundimg_9257 front on a concrete pad. WE SAW WHALES and a juvenile Bald Eagle swoop to the sand to pick up a dead fish. Daily air show of F18s and P-3 sub-hunters.

Orcas Island and Moran State Park was a lifetime dream that ended up being a test of life perspective and fortitude. IF you don’t know I love FERRIES and have ridden one in every state I travel too.


Pinto, S’More & I by a GREAT TREE!

Washington is now the exception for ferries, at least Orcas Island is. The plan was to catch the 10:20 am ferry (goal attained) to and the 2:20 pm ferry off the Orcas Island. As I reflect on making the reservations in MAY mind you I did not note the detail of being exactly 30 minutes early or being placed in standby. We missed our 30 minute prior to departure time deadline by 2 minutes and were placed in lane 8 by Satan who was working in the WA Ferry booth. We were in line 30 minutes before but that did not matter, we were not checked into the system – we were even unsure of our lane assignment and reversed to check which lane she said. We ended up waiting from 1:30 to 7:15 pm. The ferry was running 90 minutes behind due only having half power and they put us in the wrong line to catch the next ferry. So upon further reflection and telling myself over and over I was on a 7 week vacation adventure and Satan was not going to ruin it … I was on Orcas Island in Washington, suck one Satan!

Olympic National Forest was Devine! Gorgeous forest filled with awesome trees, ferns, and berry plants. This is beautiful drive from Coupeville to Olympia avoids the traffic of Seattle. Another weekend in Millersylvania then south to Oregon!

Photo Album Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fgCMWAsDjxZ7HG3g9

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