NW Exped Site #7 Montana Lewis & Clark

Lewis and Clark Caverns State  in Whitehall Montana, outputwas remote and provided fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. There was a fast flowing river below and cliffs behind. The bird activity would prove to be phenomenal. I did not expect to check two birds off my lifetime list in this remote area of Montana but it happened. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Pelicans, namely brown, but now seeing their White Pelican relatives hunting for Cutthroat Trout they may have competition. I had seen a formation of six flying Pelican style in a half V, but was unsure of the species. Get out the camera next day for a solo bird and what? It was a WHITE PELICAN in MONTANA!! img_9094Not one but seven, my National Geographic Bird book says this is the only Pelican species who will come inland and boy were they near abouts 500 miles or more. Wow who new but then while basking in the morning sun and a view of the surrounding mountains what flew up but a Mountain Bluebird right in the grass in front of me. WOOOO HOOO!!! He was amazing!

      Amazing thunderstorm circled us as we watched the cumulonimbus clouds boil and bend in the wicked wind. Off in the distance we noticed a fast bird diving (stooping) and hovering in air. It had a sharp cut tail distinctive of a falcon. But what kind was it? Back to the bird book to find it was a Prairie Falcon. We watched him hunt every morning and evening. Over the horizon of the southeastern mountain there were two large bulky birds with dark brown mottled feathers. We soon heard them to confirm they were two juvenile Bald Eagles.

Caverns dark okay – underground tight spaces hell naw. So we opted out of the tour and went to see the spot Lewis and Clark camped just down the river from the campground. The marker explained how much game they caught even how they had an Elk steak for lunch.

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SdTrWwqCeXcEgLFF8 more pics coming soon still uploading.

Off to Washington (the state) on the 4th of July!

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