Our mission to use experiences in nature to renew, replenish, and restore ourselves.

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Back in 2016 Mission Explore Outdoors a Celebration of the Military Child Outdoors Event

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As a veteran I miss the sense of purpose and bond that you have with fellow service members. As a wife of a disabled veteran (retired Navy Chief Petty Officer) I have seen first hand the struggles to overcome the challenges of both physical & mental injuries. We as veterans are a force to be reckoned with and I believe we still have a mission.

We are Navy vets, but I have a; step-son in the Army, baby brother Army vet, sister-in-law Navy Vet, big brother Navy Vet, a retired Air Force Uncle, retired Marine Corps Uncle, cousin Army vet, even a family friend that was a Coast Guard.

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Karan Barber, US Navy HM1 Veteran


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