The Nature Connection Pyramid | A Sense of Wonder

The Nature Connection Pyramid | A Sense of Wonder.

Kenny is fantastic! Got to meet him last year at the Children and Nature Network Grassroots Gathering!

You ROCK Kenny!

I appreciate you!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing — it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ~Voltaire

My SpecOps Team, E-Corps board, allies, mentors, kids & grandbabies! My hiking buddies!

My Fence Lizard friend

NCCANN with Juan Rodriguez     Hollis on a rock! My buddy Val!

BirdsEye Smartphone Apps for Birding | Birding Apps for eBird users — BirdLog and BirdsEye


Great for the Backyard Bird Count !!!!

BirdsEye Smartphone Apps for Birding | Birding Apps for eBird users — BirdLog and BirdsEye.

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Dose of the Smokies from Val – Take our poll!

Great Smoky Mountains: The Spruce-Fir Nature Trail | Val in Real Life.

If you have not been to the Great Smoky Mountains this is just a taste of what you are missing!  There is no place on earth more personally restorative than this. Once I breath in this air, laden with the moisture of this temperate Rain forest, the sense of wonder overwhelms me.

Thank you Val for providing  me regular doses of the beauty and wonder of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

My soul sister Val ( is a fellow Certified Southern Appalachian Naturalist from the great folks at the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont! Of the many things I am indebted to this most special of places for my kindred who see the intrinsic value of nature and the vital services freely provided. Once this was pure, but now we have to attempt to renew, replenish, and restore this place from the anthropocentric damages.

I am so blessed to be able to share nature through the wonder of science. My mission is to spawn a sense of caring for the environment. In the youth, I maintain hope they will be better caretakers, using their brilliant young minds to repair our mistakes.