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Environmental Education Programming

  1. For groups and schools
  2. STEAM infused learning
    • Engaging students in inquiry-based instruction
    • Present science detailing “what” is known is tied to “how” it is known
    • “hands-on/minds-on” activities that are exemplars of scientific inquiry,
    • Art and Engineering from human impact assessment, sense of place components
    • Calculate results, comparisons and produce assessments

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My Hometwn Oak Ridge TN, Green Power Partnership| US EPA

Oak Ridge, Tennessee is my hometown.  There are countless people who think Oak Ridge was the birthplace of the boys of the same name  – NOT True!  Knowledge of history now seems to be more of about celebrities than what is the fascinating truth.  As a second generation Oak Ridger,  this being a feat of it’s own right due to the fact Oak Ridge did not officially exist when both of my grandfathers began working in this “Secret City”.  Growing up Mom and Dad would drive by their childhood homes on Vermont or Outer Drive.  I grew up on East Tennessee Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave. and at one point I had a grandmother on West Outer Drive and Outer Drive.  I have lived in a C, D, B and flattop house which only a true Oak Ridger would understand.
Oak Ridge is one of the first states in the Southeast to establish a Green Power Partnership! Go OR!! Roll Wildcats Roll!

Still making me proud to have grown up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


     Community Profile | Green Power Partnership| US EPA.


When the gates opened to Oak Ridge – click the photo to learn more.