Recycling Musings Plastic #6

Why do stores pack things in Plastics #6 Polystyrene is there nothing better?

Some places like San Francisco have banned the use.

If an item says it is recyclable (Plastics #6)  but no municipality does it, is it then not recycled so why earn the #6???

 It says it can be recycled even when nobody does it and it is not economically feasible to do so. According to this product can be up to 97% air.

Imagine the volume of a pound of plastic #6, lets guess a kitchen trash can (12″ x 14″ x 20″ = 13 gallons or 2 cubic feet) which full of the 97% air Plastic #6 polystyrene maybe weighs a 1/2 pound? Not much!

 And of that material on 25%, of the 3% that is not air, content can be reused. According to the Plastics Market – Material must be baled and meet certain standards of weight, density, and size.   How do these municipalities recycling centers afford to prepare & ship it?

BASICALLY it ain’t worth it!

We, me included, just need to stop using/buying it!

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