Herbarium: Algae, Bryophytes, Fungi, Lichens…

Some amazing plants  –

Algae is fascinating. Feeds life, provides the majority of our oxygen for our blue planet. It is next on my list to study.

 As my university friends say never trust a Bryophyte for directions.  What’s that mean? Bryophytes are moss. Be sure to notice all the cool places it can grow. It is home to my favorite micro-invertebrate – Tardigrades – or Water Bears!

Ever seen a mushroom or polypore like the one in the photo? The are everywhere a great cool weather search item. Come join us for a fall walk to discover the Fungi and Lichens among us.

To know lichens is to love them. They lead a fascinating communal relationship to survive which is base on the available resources.  As an indicator of Air Quality we have much to learn from Lichens.

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