Where to camp in NC for Best Sky view.


It would take you all day to drive from North Carolina’s mountains to the sea, a journey of 503 miles under skies of Carolina blue and through high peaks and Foothills, Piedmont and Coastal Plain before finally reaching the shore. And if you drove the coast—only 300 miles as the crow flies—it’s a days drive as you follow the undulating line where water meets land, passing swamps, marshes, pocosins, and the shallow sounds on our eastern edge.

But the reality is this: North Carolina—the Earth, even—is barely a speck, cosmically speaking.

Go outside on the darkest night and look up. Even in the brightest of our cities you’ll see stars and planets overhead, only a handful out of hundreds of billions of stars and planets, nebulae and galaxies all right there, all out of reach.

To get a real sense of the wonder that is the cosmos, you need to get away from the cities,

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Can You Tell A Snood From A Wattle?  eNature Turkey info

Happy Thanksgiving E-Corps followers! – Thank you for making nature important and keeping our missions happening.  Hope you  and yours have a joyful holiday.


Can You Tell A Snood From A Wattle?  Let’s Talk Turkey About Our Favorite Bird | Blog | eNature.

Be sure to be thankful for nature and all it provides for us.

Nature Leader Course

Are you comfortable taking groups outside?

GetNatOn1Do you want to get more out of a NATURE experience?

Come learn and see through our naturalist’s eyes, have your participants enjoy the outdoors and develop the senses of wonder.

SADLY most kids do not play outside in a natural environment so this is a trip to a foreign place.

The Nature Leader Training goal is to inspire our participants to take groups outside and connect with nature.

  • November 21  – 9 am – 4:00 pmQU_logo_left_blue  See Details here

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