Enviro Wine (Whine) – 10/14 @ 6:30 A FREE discussion of TREES!


Why Trees? – Do you know what they do besides look pretty?

Read what Cornell says…  or see our Naturalist’s Report

Join us for an informative environmental talks. It’s a Free Introductory session on TREES.  

E-Corps is honored to be on the hunt for the champion trees of Mount Holly you can help

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Enviro Wine | E-Corps Expeditions Inc..a whine session which is a healing event so you may be able to “Wine about the Environment”

Wine Tasting requires a valid picture ID and  legal age verification.

9 Simultaneous Lives of Cats – NC Cit Sci programs are tracking them

Discover Magazine’s September print edition features an article on “20 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats.” Felines seem to lead elusive, mysterious lives. Fortunately, the citizen science project Cat Tracker allows you to track your cat beyond what we can directly observe.

Cats are moody. read more

But the joke is on us. Pet cats remain a mystery living right under our noses. We share our homes with them. We adopt them into our families. And if we let them outside, then there is a significant part of their lives for which we are clueless. Curled up on our laps rests Dr. Jekyll, but out the door goes a stalking Mr. Hyde.

A new collaboration between cat owners and scientists seeks to find out where cats go and what they may eat along the way. The scientists of Cat Tracker are a team of professors and students at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, in NCSU Biological Science (Your Wild Life), and at the NCSU Veterinary School. The cat owners so far are mostly in North Carolina, though recruits are now signing up from many other states, and soon in Australia and New Zealand.  read more

Think there is high mortality from wind turbines on birds?  Check this out.

Our Naturalist’s cats, Taz and Nut, take offense to any speculation or observation of any cats behavior and or the study thereof.  Also were quoted saying “mewwwwugh with a strong objection to the attempt of understanding by their homo sapiens servants”.

E-Corps naturalist first sighting of a Southern Leopard Frog

Southern Leopard Frog – North Carolina. Love my herpsofnc.org site who answers ally my herp questions!

Saw this beauty yesterday while on a NATSCI Walk in Mountain Island Park in Mount Holly, NC.

Could not get a photo because he was feelin’ froggie and jumped.