Save a Tree – what does that really mean?

IMG_2336SAVE A TREE – Do I just mean you are wasting paper or is it more than that?

Sick of hearing save trees – they are an agriculturally grown – what’s all the fuss?

Do you truly know the value of a tree?  

Let me list just a few (there are 22) with links to more.

  1. Like to breath?  Air Quality? Who’s making your oxygen?
  2. Carbon sequestration? Who’s catching fossil fuel fumes?
  3. Stormwater catchment – compare a tree to grass it is pitiful
  4. Forests clean water – that whole water cycle thing.
  5. Cooling – combatting the urban heat island.

Visit The Arbor Day Foundation to learn more or use the Tree Benefit Calculator it might even save you some money.