Kids Fishing Class 9/5

Fishing class KMKids 3 -11 are free with an adult paid admission class

Youth ages 12 and up Fish independently (no adult co-angler required)

In this one and half hour class  you will learn:SCDNR fishes

  • What a spin casting reel is!
  • Basic spin casting fishing skills: casting, safety,
  • Identify different types of rods and reels including parts & how used
  • Learn to tie fishing knots
  • Learn five artificial lures and some natural bait
  • Get the skills to potentially catch fish! That’s Why they call it FISHING instead of CATCHING!
  • Learn what lives in Lake Crawford!
  • Join us 9/5 details here

Habitat for Disease-Fighting Lizards – these guys don’t get Lyme Disease

Profiles in Xeriscaping: Habitat for Disease-Fighting Lizards | Cool Green Science. This is a Western Fence Lizard the cousin of our Eastern Fence Lizard.


This is very timely since our Naturalist was tick bitten during Thanksgiving holidays.  No Lymes disease, but it is always humbling to be part of the natural food web.