Mission Leap Outdoors 2014

2014-10-18 (5) 

Mission Leap Outdoors, Mount Holly, NC October 2014 FROGS are Hopping!

The Mount Holly FROGS (Friends of the Greenways) is our highly organized citizen support group. FROGS continue to grow in membership and enthusiasm as we become more active in establishing greenways, trails, and neighborhood connections for our community. As our own trail system develops, we sponsor great hikes throughout the region that encourage fellowship with like-minded folks. These hikes promote friendships, a healthy, active lifestyle, and educate us on how to use our future greenway.  Keep up with all the FROGS happenings by simply becoming a “fan” of the FROGS on Facebook.  FROGS Gallery


2014-10-18(1) 2014-10-18(2) 2014-10-18(3) 2014-10-18(4) 2014-10-18(5) 2014-10-18(6) 2014-10-18(7) 2014-10-18(8) 2014-10-18(9) 2014-10-18(10) 2014-10-18(11) 2014-10-18(12) 2014-10-18 2014-10-19(1) 2014-10-19(2) IMG_23532014-10-19(3) 2014-10-19 IMG_2349 IMG_2352    MHFM 4H-interior Jakes take aimCRC Catawba river keeper mount-holly-logo_001  MHCDF

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