Bear Raspberry

Queries*, and parlances* elucidated by our staff (mostly our leader) who poses questions and observations from a virtual Soap Box^. Sharing the view from standing atop verses the darkness inside. (Big words defined below)

In plain terms: What I think or wonder about what I see & hear.

Disclaimer: Our queries and parlances are meant to inspire thought, for entertainment only. This page is intended for a mature audience capable of critical thinking and analysis of the parlance and queries contained. This satirical exposition is to be communal in nature and not conveyed to minors (under 18) by any terminological translation, the following is presented for your convenience if necessitated please find the link to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Query:  Why do the most intelligent of mammals (not cetacean for this discussion) not travel in congregations?

 Response:    If Homo sapiens traversed in animal congregations, the probability of assault would be negligible due to shear group dynamics and possibly intimidating nomenclature such as;

Murders of Tourists – it works for Crows

Gang – like Buffaloes

Army – like Frogs

Smack – of Jellyfish

Shiver – of Sharks

More: more group names: Animal Congregation page

Query:  Best use of collegiate level zoology anatomy and physiology education?

  Response: Learning alternative vocabulary from graphic sailor vernacular & expletives to fauna comparison

   Snail – Photo explanation

   Rabbit Recycles scat for additional nutrient values

   Musca domestica – enough said

  Caracara plancus – deliberately entices regurgitation of Vultures for consumption see one     @AllAboutBirds


Query:  Why must an “enlightened” species place legislative barriers that would potentially cull the population?

  Response:  To this I have none. (Update 2021 Mask mandates for Virus?)

Best phrase of collegiate years: “counter intuitive

Best responses from a child/student when asked what happened:

“I don’t know I must have went unconscious.”.

“I did not hit them, I just stuck my fist our and they ran into it.”

Best Quote: “Science is Life” from a brilliant 7 year old.

[1]Merriam-Webster Inc., “Dictionary,” 2013. [Online]. Available: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary. [Accessed 14 10 2013].

  ^ = Reference to the getting on your Soap Box = an improvised platform used by a self-appointed, spontaneous, or informal orator; broadly [1]  

Queries = Questions and words that explain something, 

Parlance = manner or mode of speech [1] or a way of speaking or using words, 

Elucidate = to make lucid especially by explanation or analysis [1]

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