Boojum Information

Various Nicknames for Bigfoot type creatures in North Carolina
Knobby– Cleveland County;  Boojum– Eagle Nest Mountain Area, Haywood County;
Woollybooger– Drexal area, Burke County;  Wampus Cat– Central, Eastern parts of NC;
Green Swamp Beast– Brunswick County;  Turtle Man– Cedar Island, NC;  Pine Tree Charlie– WNC;
Monkey Man– Barnardsville, NC area; Kecleh Kudleh (pronounced Chickly Cudly) Cherokee for
Hairy Man- WNC

Boojum was once considered, “normal” man, he came to America in 1606 aboard John Smith‘s boat, a long with 105 other men, which landed in Jamestown. After a terrifing sting ray scare at Sting Ray Point, VA. They headed inland, when getting off the boats the crew and John Smith were attacked by atlatls used by the natives. All remaining crew members fled back to the boat, but one man stayed behind inorder to begin a new life. The natives took him in and he greeted the Spirit of Nature. The Spirit of Nature asked the man to transport very valuable gem stones. This was very nessassary for these gem stones to be carried inland by a white man so the natives wouldnt be caught dead will such valuable items. The man continued across modern day Virginia and into current day Galax, VA. After arriving at Steven’s Creek, The Spirit of Nature appeared and blessed him with the power to feel the vibrations and the complexion of the mountains and the ability to sense the swift moving waters as it speaks it mood. As He began his descent towards the southeast mountains, he senses an oddity, an irregularity within the mountains. The Red Shirts new about this and they began to chase him down, now they were novices to the mountais and we very poor at their orientation. The man used his skills in the great smoke mirrors to confuse and disorient the Red Shirts. He realized that this is much larger and He with his burlap sacks of valuable gem stones headed south. He walked the Bald Mountain Range for days on end; the Bald Mountain Range is currently the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Also, some believe that He created the path for many of the segments of the Appalachian Trail. After about midway down the border, He broke south east and came across many caves along the way. He left several gem stones in various caves across the balsam mountains. He finally settled down with in the Western North Carolina Mountains and after the Great Gem Transportation of the 17th Century, He aquired the name Boojum. The Boojum also found jugs of the sweetest tasting drink in the known world!, Pert ‘Nin’ Juice. Pert ‘Nin’ Juice had what is called L’Elixir de la Vie, French for Elixir of Life. Pert ‘Nin’ Juice is the reason The Boojum still exist today. Some of the gems have been found within the last 30-40 years but i will not disclose the location in which they are currently stored. Pert ‘Nin’ Juice, wich some has been found in the Balsam caves, is reportedly the most valuable item on the Mountain Folk Exchange. Estamates put it ranging from $50,000-$217,536.51! The Boojum does still exist and there have been reported sightings of him but none have been proven. Within the last decade there has been some speculation withing the hillbilly community whether or not L’Elixir de la Vie has immortal granting abilities. Not one soul has dared drink it though due to its sacred properties. One thing is for sure: The Boojum means no harm and is outspokenly AGAINST Bigotry.

I just pulled a Boojum! I done transported mey haaay across the yerd!(slang) Damn i hate them Boojums, they terk arr JERBS!Timmy: I saw the Boojum last night!
Sarah: No you didnt, he is a hoax, meant to scare dumb floridians who cant drive in the mountains!!!Bartender: Wow, that man can take a punch, a pool stick, a broken beer bottle, a barbwire mace!
Slum at Bar: Oh yeah he is like a Boojum jacked up on Pert ‘Nin’ Juice

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