Natural Leaders

The Nature Leader Training goal is to inspire our participants to take groups outside and connect with nature.

Want to request this training in your area?

    • Just get a group of 8 or more together, suggest a few dates with times, and send an email to
  •  This course is a preparatory class to prepare leaders and establish confidence in taking groups into nature. The class covers safety, concerns, observation skills and techniques to overcome barriers to a rewarding outdoor experience.  Be prepared to be outdoors the majority of the day.

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Nature Leader Training includes:
  1. Outdoor Leadership/Interpretation
    • Ice Breaker – an Outdoor comfort exercise – reducing the stress of the unknown
    • Elements of instruction will include the educator participating in kinesthetic/experiential activities.
    • Safety skills and concerns
    • Observation 101 – using native eyes and descriptive language
    • Setting the stage for wonder
    • Leave No Trace Principals
    • Practice
  2. Closing – Group discussion and development of ideas to formulate quality outdoor experiences for future participants


Opportunity  for: Criteria  II Credit for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certificate.

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Nature Training Resources

Richard Louv  Richard Louv, ME, Jon Young  The great Kathy Bull & I

These are some of Karan’s mentors Mr. Richard Louv author of Last Child in the Woods,  Jon Young author of Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature –  and Kathy Bull founder of NC Children and Nature Coalition.

Watch the video below to discover what Nature Deficit is & why there is a need for natural leaders.

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