NatSci Walks

NatSci Walks – Only $6.54 a person for  this 2 hour Naturalist/Scientist lead expedition (walk) discovering what our nearby nature has to offer such as; lichens, polypores, deer rubs, beaver chews, tracks, scats, wildflowers, fungus, cumulonimbus clouds, habitats, macroinvertebrates, trees, invasives, soil disturbances, geology, terrain, water cycle, environmental services & on & on & on.

Qualifies as NC Environmental Educator hours as Criteria II: Outdoor Instructor-led Experiences  or Criteria III: Knowledge of Environmental Education Resources and Facilities (Piedmont Region) form B signed ( for participants) upon request. Check out our EE workshops here

Register here

Be sure to check out our nature identification classes offered prior to the NatSci Walk – HERE for those seeking your NC EE certificate you can get 2 hours for the class + 2 hours for the NatSci Walk in just  one day.

  • Register in the store and please check the calendar for details on upcoming nature experiences, NatSci Walks and classes.

Planned programs include: NatSci Walks, Workshops, Tree ID. Lichens & Air Quality, Ferns, Butterflies and our annual Meteor shower observation in December.

 Registration is required to participate and details are provided on your ticket including – Meet location and entry details.

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