NatSci Junction

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Where nature and science collide.NatSciJunc

Enrichment Classes for ages 8 – 13!

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The NatSci Junction is a one hour session of natsci infused learning which;

  • Engages students in inquiry-based instruction
  • Presents science detailing “what” is known is tied to “how” it is known
  • Are “hands-on/minds-on” activities that are exemplars of scientific inquiry
  • Contains Art and Engineering elements in human impact assessment & sense of place components
  • Calculations, comparisons and produce assessment are done

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What does NatSci Junction (Nature Enrichment by E-Corps) program contain?

Our program incorporates the North Carolina Essential standards engaging students in inquiry-based instruction which is a critical way of developing conceptual understanding of the science content that is vital for success in the twenty-first century.

E-Corps Expeditions Crew;

  • Provides a seamless integration of science content, scientific inquiry, experimentation and technological design, to reinforce in students the notion that “what” is known is inextricably tied to “how” it is known.
  • Create opportunities for creative thinking, inquiry, experimentation and technological design.
  • Inspires the use of technology will be done through examples of it’s values such as; GIS (mapping information), calculations, graphing, information, story telling and possibly the construction of educational games.
  • Includes Art via community (human) impact to immerse the student in the engineering component.  The art is folk up-cycle manufacture and testing of functionality such as a clay canoe that floats.
  • Calculation of  results, comparisons and assessments use mathematical skill in all aspects to such as Tree age from trunk girth.  Sustainability and green energy will also be incorporated.
  • Engagement of students in “hands-on/minds-on” activities that are exemplars of scientific inquiry, experimentation and technological design.


  • Combat Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Inspire caring about local environment
  • Instill a sense of place
  • Illuminate the reality of science
  • Alleviate fear of outdoors


  • Understanding of environmental impacts
  • Observation skill development
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Spark inquiry

INSTRUCTOR:  Karan Barber, our Captain K, certified NC Environmental Educator and naturalist (with a degree in Environmental Studies and Education)  will be teaching these sessions designed for ages 8 -13.  As a middle school teacher and summer camp director and instructor with over 20+ years experience. Captain K’s mission is to educate in the great outdoors establishing a nature connection to combat Nature Deficit Disorder. Read more about Karan here

COURSE INFORMATION: The NatSci Junction are sessions of nature and science infused learning.



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