Save a Tree – what does that really mean?

IMG_2336SAVE A TREE – Do I just mean you are wasting paper or is it more than that?

Sick of hearing save trees – they are an agriculturally grown – what’s all the fuss?

Do you truly know the value of a tree?  

Let me list just a few (there are 22) with links to more.

  1. Like to breath?  Air Quality? Who’s making your oxygen?
  2. Carbon sequestration? Who’s catching fossil fuel fumes?
  3. Stormwater catchment – compare a tree to grass it is pitiful
  4. Forests clean water – that whole water cycle thing.
  5. Cooling – combatting the urban heat island.

Visit The Arbor Day Foundation to learn more or use the Tree Benefit Calculator it might even save you some money.


Green Energy – WHY aren’t we doing it?

Why can’t we just stop all our bad energy use and go green?

I wish it was that easy – GO Green – no expensive power grid changes, no raise in rates due to the upgrade.

All just happy greenness.

Infrastructure – what a pain.  Before college I could not have told you what that word meant. What does it mean? My good friend Merriam-Webster says – “the basic equipment and structures (such as roads and bridges) that are needed for a country, region, or organization to function properly”

Our power grid is well old, antiquated and the more you read scary – DOE 2014 report.  It is due to massive use of power, materials to make transformers, domestic production of transformers, and an old inefficient system.

Can we fix it sure but who pays for that?  Are we able to do better – yes but it will not be for free.

How will we change?  When the majority of our population cries out and says I want something better for future generations?

HOPE: Our brilliant children, develop environmental ethics/rights, and new green initiatives …

Wave energy –



Water – Hydro


HYDROGEN CAR – Water exhaust see what Toyota is doing







Recycling Musings Plastic #6

Why do stores pack things in Plastics #6 Polystyrene is there nothing better?

Some places like San Francisco have banned the use.

If an item says it is recyclable (Plastics #6)  but no municipality does it, is it then not recycled so why earn the #6???

 It says it can be recycled even when nobody does it and it is not economically feasible to do so. According to this product can be up to 97% air.

Imagine the volume of a pound of plastic #6, lets guess a kitchen trash can (12″ x 14″ x 20″ = 13 gallons or 2 cubic feet) which full of the 97% air Plastic #6 polystyrene maybe weighs a 1/2 pound? Not much!

 And of that material on 25%, of the 3% that is not air, content can be reused. According to the Plastics Market – Material must be baled and meet certain standards of weight, density, and size.   How do these municipalities recycling centers afford to prepare & ship it?

BASICALLY it ain’t worth it!

We, me included, just need to stop using/buying it!

Hope?  People are living a Zero Waste Lifestyle – check this out

DO You do your part to Wipe OUT waste? Learn more  Wipeoutwaste