Workshops at Queens Birds & Air January topics!

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bird-slueth1/17/15 9:30 – 3:30 pm @ Queens U of Charlotte      $35.00   

BirdSleuth builds positive attitudes, confidence, and science interest in students. Citizen science and inquiry experiences provide motivation and excitement to students of all ability levels, including those who don’t excel in more traditional forms of learning. The workshop will take place at Queens University of Charlotte.  You will receive a complimentary copy of BirdSleuth resources to get kids outside for fun, hands-on science and can link between informal and formal education and foster family involvement in science. Explore how your habitat, whether urban or suburban, meets the needs of your local birds!

CornellLab BirdSleuth Workshop

We are seeking several science educators to participate in the workshops and use what they have learned in their organization’s youth programs, continue to support the network of teachers and after school educators.  A  Brunch Meal is included

Air Quality NOAA Teacher Workshop

NOAA Air Quality Workshop 1/24/20145 9:30 – 3:30 @ Queens University of Charlotte $35  

NOAA Air Quality presented by E-Corps own Environmental Scientist Wendy Foster.  The goal of the workshop is for K-12 educators to gain a better understanding of air quality and air pollution issues, experience hands-on activities, and gain insight into topics such as  climate change, calculation of a carbon footprint, and the potential health effects of air pollution. The knowledge gained will support the teacher’s classroom instruction and in turn will motivate and increase student’s interest in air quality. Brunch Meal is included

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