Davidson’s Herp Project


Carolina Herp Atlas – Home.  E-Corps is going to participate and take our followers along for the ride!  All our NatSci Walks and expeditions we will be tracking some Herps.  Our naturalist formerly suffers from ophiophobia (fear of snakes) after a few sweaty up-close encounters she is amazed at these creatures. From the muscles that make them move to the scales that grasp, snakes are so cool! She still avoids those cat-eyed (elliptical pupils) snakes those guys are the venomous (yes venomous I am not eating the snake only then he would be poisonous). Still not convinced we need snakes? Ever done rodent math? 1 female can have 5-10 liters of 5-6 offspring in one year. if she has 18 female offspring this will result in 630 rodents from just one mated pair. Uck! over run with rodents chow down Mr. Snake!


About E-Corps Expeditions Inc.

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