June Volunteer Needs

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Hello everyone – here are some upcoming Volunteer Needs:

– Work Day Saturday June 7 from 10am to 3pm to clean up after recent
storms; projects will include securing fencing, raking up debris (we
need someone with a blower), mucking stalls and house cleaning.

– Work Day Saturday June 21 from 10am to 2pm – will be a variety of
jobs, most outside.

– Ongoing opportunities include Hotline (which you can do from home
with a computer, internet access, and a phone), closing animal care
shift (starts around 6pm this time of year), and transport trips
taking baby birds to meet another transporter in Lumberton (these are
every Saturday morning).

If you can help, please RSVP for work days; for ongoing opportunities
and transport, let us know you are interested and we’ll send you a
link for our Volunteer Application.

Thanks everyone!

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